Defermo Franchise Information Franchise Duration: 2019 Many businessmen are curious to know how to achieve the Defermo franchise, and conducted researched on the franchise and have taken the necessary steps to review their preferred brand. Your review in respect to the Defermo franchise will be evaluated After confirming that your reviews are positive, the Administration will contact you, and will request you to submit basic information. Appointment will be fixed for you to evaluate the information, through inviting you to the main office. The routine process may differ from one case to another, shall the businessman already has been choosing the place he decided to rent or own. In the event the investor has already chosen the brand, then a visit program will be fixed. The process will be commenced at site for evaluations purpose, and necessary analysis will be conducted to provide you with a report about the subject. Meaning, suggestions will be provided to you, while the decision for opening the workplace shall be the responsibility of the investor, which accordingly will make the investor be responsible for any potential risks. The preparation of the contract and architectural works shall commence at a time, and the Concession Contract will be signed upon agreeing on the location, and after confirming the availability of financial sufficiency and personal profile of the investor. Under the contract, rights to use annual license will be granted, of which may be fixed for the duration of 5 or 10 years. 1- Architectural Project: Our architectural staff will make the preparations for the project, at the designated location, and the staff further conducts the measurements and will performs the works related to the productivity sufficiency. The Project will be evaluated by the Concessionaire, and approval will be granted for the preparation of the budget. 2- Budget Preparation and Constructions: The budget of the Architectural Project will be prepared, as well as the constructions duration will be determined, plus the requirements related to the provision of the necessary supplies and equipments. The Concessionaire shall be entitled to obtain the equipments and supplies used in the construction works, as well as to determine its trademarks, models and product codes. 3- Employing Staff and Guidance: Employing staffs and administration personnel for the new location will commence as soon as the establishment of Defermo branch commences to be constructed, and the franchise booklet as well as training and guide manual will be provided accordingly. 4- Advertisements and Promotions: Advertisements and promotions for the branch shall commence according to a joint decision to be decided between the franchise owner and the new concessionaire, with taking into consideration the ethical values of the location of the branch and subject to the applicable norms in the country. 5- Defects Control \ Inspection: Following the completion of the establishment of the branch, our administration specialist staff and the investor’s representative will inspect the project searching for possible unseen defects and faults which may occur at the branch. Shall any defects are founded, such defects shall be corrected, and; if not, then the center will be advised about the opening of the branch. 6- The Opening: The branch will be opened before visitors after confirming minimum defects and risks. For more information about the special processes in respect to the other articles, visit:

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